• Lucy Anjuna

2019 guide to getting sexy, stronger legs (plus 10% off code!)

I'm going to be really honest here....

I wasn't born with wide hips or a full, round bottom. I'm not like most women who are graced with natural curves. However, the gym has made a MASSIVE difference to my shape, meaning I've now got stronger, more shapely quads and a much more round set of glutes!

My clothes look and feel better, I feel so much more toned than I used to and my strength has increased significantly since I started training my legs at least twice a week, using a range of different exercises and equipment.

My advice is to push yourself to try new exercises - don't stick to the same 2 or 3 machines in the gym just because you're comfortable with using them. My new Bikini Legs and Glutes Plan explains exactly how to do a range of exercises and includes:

  • 4 week weightlifting plan (squats, deadlifts, glute kickbacks - they're all in there!)

  • 3 training sessions per week

  • Exercises to improve glutes, quads, hamstrings

  • My top secret tips!

  • Example meal plans

  • Cardio guide (for cutting and bulking)

  • Supplement advice

  • Access to exercise advice on social media channels

Offer price: £19.99

(Use CODE LEGS10 for 10% off!)


Visit and scroll down to the Bikini Legs and Glutes Plan to find out more or buy directly via PayPal

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