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20 Weeks Out | First Figure Competition Prep (17 March 2019)

Updated: Aug 28, 2019

I decided to document my experience of training towards my first figure competition in the hope it will help anyone else who is considering doing the same thing.

After my last competition as a bikini athlete back in November 2017, I decided I needed a new goal and wanted to push myself further than before. While I enjoyed training towards bikini competitions, I felt I'd probably be more suited to figure because of my body shape (my upper body has always been quite responsive to training and lends itself to the 'X' shape usually required in figure competitions), and because I wanted to get more shredded than ever (figure is about being shapely but also being very lean, with less body fat than bikini).

My off season started in January 2018 and consisted of training heavy and hard, eating in excess of 3000 some days, to try to gain as much muscle tissue as I could. I set myself a time limit and decided I would compete in summer 2019, giving me plenty of time to not only build additional muscle tissue but leave enough time to lean down and enter at least a few different shows (I didn't want to train and diet for so long to only enter one show...more shows, more opportunities to place and to get some great photos for the memory wall!)

20 Weeks Out

Calories on training days - 2480

Calories on rest days - 1440

Off plan meal - once weekly

Training split - Legs/upper/rest (repeat)

Cardio - 25 mins, 5 x per week

At this stage, I've already started planning out my stage routine, have selected a few favourite songs, and have been practicing mandatory poses at least twice weekly (I've been doing this since Sept/October!). There is a lot of improvement to be made with my posing but I will keep practicing until it's perfect.

The next blog post will be a progress update at 16 weeks out.

Progress update: 20 weeks out

Weight: 57kg (125lbs)

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