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16 Weeks Out (14 April 2019) | First Figure Competition PrepFirst Figure Competition Prep

Updated: Aug 28, 2019

I'm now 16 weeks away from my first figure competition. I decided to document my experience and progress so you can see what was involved at each step of the way.

To recap, this was my training, cardio and diet regime at 20 weeks out (my calories dropped slightly at 18 weeks as I officially started 'prep' out but cardio remained the same).

20 Weeks Out

Calories on training days - 2480

Calories on rest days - 1440

Off plan meal - once weekly

Training split - Legs/upper/rest (repeat)

Cardio - 25 mins, 5 x per week

I am now 16 weeks out from my first planned show.

16 Weeks Out

Calories on training days - approx. 2000

Calories on rest days - approx. 1400

Off plan meal - once fortnightly

Training split - Legs/upper/rest (repeat)

Cardio - 25 mins, 5 x per week

Progress update: 16 weeks out

Weight: 56.5kg (124lbs)

You can see my weight has started to drop but only slightly. My body composition is slightly leaner and my energy levels are still high. I've been making a log of all my lifts and I'm still hitting PBs. For example, shoulder raises have hit 35lbs on the Hammer Strength plate loaded lat raise machine (heavy for me!) and my deadlift is now 140kg (approx. 308 pounds).

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