• Lucy Anjuna

The Most Common Fat Loss Mistakes

Most of the women who come to me for help are trying to lose fat; and most of them share one these two things in common.

Carbohydrates vs protein

Before you scream "but carbs aren't the enemy!"......I'm not saying they are. Far from it, in fact. You need an adequate amount of carbohydrates in your daily diet to survive. Not only are they required for energy, they play a crucial role in hormone production.

The main problem I see is the amount of carbs eaten (too much for the amount of activity someone is doing in the day) and the types of carbs eaten i.e. refined carbohydrate-rich foods such as bread, white pasta, white rice and wraps - the typical convenience food found in the tupperware box of many 20/30 odd year old office workers!

The typical client who comes to me for a diet plan will more often than not be eating way too many carbs and not enough protein. Trust me when I say that it's not always reducing the amount of food that changes your body composition (toned vs watery/flabby), but the types of foods you're eating.

Portion sizes

It seems, as children, many of us heard the saying "don't leave the table until your plate is cleared." While that's great for encouraging a child to grow and develop (and learn to understand the importance of not wasting food!), many habits we've formed in earlier life fail to leave us in adulthood. Adult life often equals adult-sized portions and many of us continue to 'clear the plate' not realising the calories we're consuming in each meal.

One of the tips I teach new clients is not the habit of 'calorie counting' or even portion control, it's the gift of awareness. Be more aware about the foods you're eating and you'll be able to live a more flexible lifestyle, while maintaining a healthy weight!

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