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12 Weeks Out | First Figure Competition Prep (May 2019)

Updated: May 17, 2020

As I come into the sixth week of my cut, I am now approaching the 12 weeks out mark from my first ever figure show!

It's so funny how you say out loud how long you've got to go and it sounds like ages but it's actually not very far away at all. One minute you're knee deep in off season, the next thing you know the weeks are just rolling into one.

I've changed a couple of things at this point in terms of diet and training. Cardio has now swapped from the bike to the stairmaster (I'm still only doing 45 minutes a day 4 to 5 x per week, which isn't as much as it sounds!), and my calories are now around 1600 on training days.

I still have carbs in my daily plan, centred around training sessions, and although I'm starting to feel more hungry, it's not too bad at all and I'm still full of energy during my evening workouts. Cheat meals were weekly but they are now fortnightly....goodbye weekly Sunday dinner and cake :-(

Whenever I need to perk myself up at work during the day, which is when I feel the most tired from sitting down at my laptop, I just have a Beanies coffee with a bit of Truvia...sorts me right out.

It's still hard at stage in the game to tell what my competition physique is going to look like. I look leaner than I did on my last update but I can tell you from experience I've still got way more than a stone to lose.

12 Weeks Out

Calories on training days - 1650

Calories on rest days - 1400

Off plan meal - once per fortnight

Training split - Legs/upper/rest (repeat)

Cardio - 25 mins stairmaster, 4-5 x per week

The next blog post will be a progress update at 6 weeks out.

Progress update: 12 weeks out

Weight: 55.8kg (123lbs)

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