• Lucy Anjuna

The same exercises over and over won't work

Have you ever heard people say you need to keep the muscles guessing in order for your muscles to grow? It's true!

One thing I've learnt during my years of fitness and bodybuilding is that the body adapts real quick to training programmes. If you keep on doing the same routine month after month, your body knows what to expect. You're not giving it any messages that it needs to change - the muscles already know you're going to do 5 sets of squats at 50kg, then move onto 5 sets on the leg press at 120kg and then 5 sets on the leg extension at 40kg.

During my off season (when I'm not dieting down for a bikini competition), I design my own structured training plan. I tend to follow a 4 or 5 day split, focusing on different body parts on different days. I'll add more of a particular body part if I feel I need to make bigger changes to that area. For example, this year I've focused very much on widening the X shape of my back, incorporating two days focusing purely on back work as opposed to my usual one day per week.

Although I'm always training different body parts, I still change things up every 6 weeks or so. If I don't do this, my progress tends to slow down and I notice I don't feel the DOMS as much the couple of days following a workout - this is a real signal to me that I'm in need of a new plan.

If you think you might not be progressing and you've been doing the same exercises over and over, try changing things up a little. You could add in some progressive overload or try some drop-sets, maybe some super setting or change the exercises you're doing completely. Just do something you're body isn't used to and give it the shock it needs to signal those muscle gains!

Lucy x

P.S. If you need help with creating a tailored training plan, drop me a line. I offer monthly training plans/coaching but can also produce a one-off personalised training plan for whatever your goals.

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