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8 Weeks Out | First Figure Competition Prep (1 June 2019)

Updated: May 17, 2020

8 weeks away from my first comp and things are starting to shape up nicely!

I'm not lean enough yet to see any major shapes or lines around muscles but I'm definitely in a place where I look in the mirror and think, "hey girl, you train."

Anyone else get that feeling right up until they get real lean where they think they look like they don't even go to the gym? It's a definite 'thing' on prep - obviously you know you are in great shape but cutting for a show is much different to losing weight in general. You know you're having to bring a level of 'lean' that simply isn't 'normal' for daily life, so I guess you set your own standards really high because of that. The mirror and the mind can play tricks with you during prep and not surprisingly as things can be looking super one day, and a bit soft or flat the next.

My calories are still just above around 1600 on training days. Cardio is still the stairmaster (dreaded thing has become my best friend... I actually don't mind it so much now and it really does melt the fat!). I still have carbs in my daily plan, centred around training sessions.

Last time I blogged for you guys, my cheat meals has been dropped from fortnightly to once a week.... well you can now kiss sweet goodbye to that! Coach ordered a stop on all cheat meals, so from here on out, it's only food on the plan until my first competition of the year.

We can do this. I'm determined to do WHATEVER IT TAKES!

Work has been a struggle on the very busy days, I won't lie. It's especially hard when you're working around lots of people in a busy environment, with deadlines to juggle.... but, you just carry on and get it done. I don't let prep affect my moods with people at work- it's not professional or fair on them. Why should they suffer for something I chose to do? So I sit quietly, get all the work done and just crack on.

8 Weeks Out

Calories on training days - 1630

Calories on rest days - 1400

Off plan meal - N/A

Training split - Legs/upper/rest (repeat)

Cardio - 25 mins stairmaster, 4-5 x per week

The next blog post will be a progress update at 4 weeks out.

Progress update: 8 weeks out

Weight: 54.5kg (120lbs)

Figure prep 8 weeks out
Figure prep 8 weeks out

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