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4 Weeks Out | First Figure Competition Prep (July 2019)

Updated: May 17, 2020

It's the last 4 weeks of prep for my first ever figure competition...and I think I spy some abs. I'm really feel like I'm on prep now...

After I hit the 6 weeks out mark, things started to change fairly quickly. I'm now feeling the effects of much lower body fat since cardio has been increased, with twice daily sessions. My food intake has remained the same and I still have moderate carbs pre and post workout, which is great as it means I've got some energy to train and don't feel too stringy or flat (yet!).

Now that I'm only a month away from my first figure show, I'm starting to look like I'm on prep! I tend to carry my biggest fat stores around my back, on my triceps and on my abdomen, so when I'm training in a vest, you normally can't see much definition on me right until the very end.

Physique is becoming more vascular, especially during training but also upon waking (even more so after salt/pre-workout)
A visible outline of abs has just started to appear
Energy is getting low

I'm interested to see how my physique shapes up this time around as I've only ever competed in bikini and therefore haven't taken my body fat levels as low before.

I've even started seeing a visible outline of my abdominal muscles, which isn't something I've EVER experienced on a cut before! The best I saw was a slight outline of 4 abs when I was one day out from a bikini competition. It has taken a long prep with consistent dieting, training and cardio to get my body fat low enough to be able to see changes like this.

It's looking like I've managed to maintain my shape overall. My shoulders are nice and round, my back is starting to detail and my legs an glutes still feel full, despite my legs usually being the body part that gets hits first by the dieting and cardio. I think I know why this is...we didn't smash the stairs throughout my prep. Instead, we started on a bike which is less harsh on the legs than the stairs, which has helped to preserve much of my muscle mass to this point.

4 Weeks Out

Calories on training days - 1620

Calories on rest days - 1390

Off plan meal - N/A

Training split - Legs/upper/rest (repeat)

Cardio - 6 x 35 mins fasted, 5 x 25 post-training (inc. 15min HIT)

The next blog post will be a progress update to show condition in peak week (the final week in the run up to my first show - the IFBB 2Bros Luke Sandoe Classic 2019, London).

Progress update: 4 weeks out

Weight: 53.5kg (117lbs)

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