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1 week out from 2Bros Pro Events | First figure contest prep

Updated: Nov 2, 2020

Almost time to reveal the results of a gruelling 22 week lean down, just one week away from competing in my first ever figure show - the 2BrosPro Luke Sandoe Classic, London 2019.

I keep reflecting on how much work and planning I've put into this figure prep. I'm glad I never gave up competing after the first time I entered a show back in 2015 as a bikini rookie! I'm glad that, despite the challenging process, subjective judging and not winning my first, second or even my third show, I wanted to prove to myself I could be better.

It's taken me more than 4 years of competing and over 10 years of weightlifting to get to this point. If you want to succeed in competitive bodybuilding, you need to be prepared to play the long game.

I wasn't lucky enough to win my first, second or even third show, but that's just life in this sport. You can't fall down at the first hurdle and feel sorry for yourself. One thing I have learnt is that the world of competitive bodybuilding can be so subjective and you can never plan who is going to turn up to stand alongside you on the day. However, if you stand on that stage knowing you tried your best and gave it all you had during prep, it's a feeling of great pride and satisfaction.

Now all I have to do is make it to the finish line. I have come this far by sticking to my diet, training, cardio and posing practice. All the hard work has been done and next week I have to prove to the judges and the audience that those trophies are mine.

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